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Affirmation of Purpose: Women in Theatre

Late last night, I sat staring at my screen attempting to re-write the Mission of GAN-e-meed Theatre Project, a baby of a theatre I am spear-heading to give women actresses, playwrights, directors and designers a larger voice in theatre, life and the arts.

It started out as a spring-board for actress-proposed theatre. But as I thought about my true goals and the possibilities I realized I needed to include more than just actresses. Like the rest of this country (and the world) women are under-represented. We make up more than half of the stage actors and although I don’t have statistics on directors and playwrights, I am sure there must be just as many.

And then, lo and behold, they announced the winner of this year’s drama Pulitzer Prize: Lynn Nottage, a woman. And I stumbled across this eloquently written article.

Now is a very good time for GAN-e-meed Theatre Project to be hitting the skies.