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Life Skills, thanks mom & dad

There are certain small skills everyone should have.

They seem insignificant, but they make you self-sufficient.  And they give you the ability to help others.

Plus, I can honestly say “I can do this.”  Makes you feel better on a lousy day.

I can do this:

  • unclog a toilet
  • sew on a button
  • hem my pants
  • iron my shirt
  • make my bed
  • put together cheap furniture
  • follow directions
  • take apart random mechanical objects and put them back together again
  • push buttons at random
  • replace a light bulb without freaking out
  • use a hammer, a screwdriver, and drill
  • shrink wrap my windows
  • make an omelette
  • change a tire
  • admit defeat and call someone else

And, today, I remembered that I can:

  • take an electrical cable, bitten in half by my bunny and, using electrical tape and a pair of scissors, put it back together.

This is particularly important since a half an hour after this triumph I discovered that I can:

  • laugh at the four pieces of wire sitting on the floor, the result of said bunny wreaking havoc on the exact same cord.

Thanks mom & dad, you make me self-sufficient.

Can you work on my bunny next?