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Back to the Books!

Time to celebrate!

I have been officially accepted into Boston University’s Institute for Non-Profit Management and Leadership.  I am beyond excited.

Formal learning has been calling me for close to five years now and this program not only has a formal learning process but everything is immediately applied to the organization in which you work.  So, not only will I be learning, but GAN-e-meed will get a direct and immediate benefit.

Plus I got a scholarship which is what really makes this possible.

Thank You BU!

Sliding Thoughts

I have a busy brain.

It’s a bother sometimes.

It makes it hard to sleep.

It can make it hard to concentrate.

It can make life feel overwhelming.

It can make going off into the woods with no way to cross off items on the growing list in my mind unnerving.

But, in the end, it’s worth it.

Sometimes, when you have a busy brain, the best thing to do is just turn everything off and walk away.

The calm does come.

I hope my daughter takes less time to discover this skill.

In Dress Blues

I spent part of my morning in a NH National Guard uniform.

Dress Blues, to be exact.  So I was told.  I make no claims of knowledge about anything remotely war-like.

I joked, briefly, that I hoped my parents never saw me.  They’re old hippies and such.  I feel awkward when I find myself talking to someone who ever served in anything army-like.  I just don’t know what to say.  So I made the joke.  And then I realized that the director was in the Guard (duh) and I actually had no idea who else standing in the room in a convincing costume was either.

Awkward silence while I tried to pry my foot out of my mouth.

But, it did get me thinking as I was standing out in the sun alternating between serious and smiling for the photo shoot that there is no guarantee that an actress will ever play a combatant whereas I am almost positive that every professional male actor has at some point played a military role on stage.

I have no point other than that I was thinking about it.

Sometimes I’m like that.

Summer Bravery

4 wasp stings

2 on the right arm
1 on the left arm
1 on the belly

no tears

a shriek and shout for mama
a dance of pain and shock
a dash across the pavement into my arms

no tears

a big bear hug and a clawing at the small red pin pricks




my child’s bemused smile as she declares to the room “that’s what happens when you explore, you get boo-boos.”

i have a brave, brave child.