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It’s all in the Asking

There are lessons we continue to learn over and over in life.

For me, it’s when to ask for help.

Given that I was born and raised in New England, a region known for its dedication to work ethic and the pride behind this work ethic, and I have high-achieving parents and an over-achieving genius brother, asking for help isn’t really in my genes.

When I became a mom, all that changed.  That was round one of learning to ask.

Round to began with GAN-e-meed Theatre Project.   I have no desire to create theatre on my own.   It’s a social enterprise, creating theatre.   It’s there for the community and is a community in itself.   So I sought out the best I could find.   And they, indeed, are the best.   And I asked them for help.

But, of course, my pride took over at various points causing a personal system overload.   I had to step back over and over, look at the big picture, and remind myself to ask for help.

As it turns out, the only thing you lose when you don’t ask is help.   And we can all use a little help.

So, step one for all you like-minded thespians out there who want to create…just ask for help.   It’ll be there when you need it.


ode to uhaul

uhaul, oh, uhaul, you make me so angry i feel nauseated

it’s not the 100 degree weather in which i hauled my own boxes

nor the smell of the cab

it’s not the 8 foot high stack looming into the sky

nor the fridge to clean out as i leave and the fridge to clean out when i arrive

it’s u, uhaul

you suck, and make me so angry i feel nauseated

you overbook your trucks and blame your customers for your mistakes

you threaten and yell

you pit customers against each other and lay blame when it is only due to u


you suck

uhaul, oh, uhaul i should have stuck to my declaration of 7 years ago

next time, oh, next time, i will

no uhaul for me

ever again

and, if i have my way, no uhaul for any of my friends, strangers i run into, or other innocent who needs a truck in which to haul their lives

uhaul, oh, uhaul, never again

3 Count Fade to Black. Sort of.

Lucy Dreaming closes tonight at The Factory Theatre in Boston.  Produced by GAN-e-meed as part of FeverFest.

We’re operating on a shoe-string for this one.  Well, technically, without a shoe string.

Plus, we got involved late in the game so I didn’t bother to pull in any designers.  I figured I could wing it.

And I can.

Except when it comes to lights.

Because I’ve realized that, as a director, the design element that speaks to me the loudest are the lights.  Costumes run a close second.  The hard part being that I know plenty about costumes and virtually nothing about lighting.

I have visions of halos and shadows, colors and dimensions.  But I can’t get it to come across with my meager knowledge of how to plug in a light and not to touch the bulb or it may explode in my face.

This realization is, quite literally, an eye-opener.

So, my next task….get the lighting skills.

Just what I need, right?  More to do.