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seven ages of me

I find it a little miserable that I can pass through the seven ages of life in only one day.

Okay, I didn’t count all seven, but there were enough to leave me frustrated and exhausted by the end of today.

I went from mature 30-something dropping off my child with a friend and enjoying the company of another set of parents.

to jubilant twenty-something with the world at her finger tips fresh out of a local TV recording station. fun!

to nervous, self-conscious, tired trying to keep myself together teen who confidently opened her mouth in class only to hear her voice shaking in fear.

to sobbing child.  sobbing child.  staring at the faces of classmates in horror as the tears refused to stop.

and now i’m home.

as my own child would say, “I need a hugabug.”

Ode to Halloween

Sometimes, like this year, you are frigid.  Just shy of seeing dragon breath.

You bring out the fun in strangers.  It creeps kids out sometimes.  Me too.

Candy is not a remedy for pinching cheeks and enthusiastic grannies.

Sometimes, like this year, the streets are kind of empty.

Once, like this year, you were cause for mounting a big screen TV on the garage door and sitting around a fire pit watching football.  Their buddy, the cop, thought it was fun too.  He hung out for a while.  We got two candies for the price of one house.

You remind me of an autumn childhood.  Robinhood bow lovingly crafted.  Punk hair meticulously colored.  Wrapped in layers of my mothers hippie skirts.  Little orange boxes rattling with pennies for unicef.  Adolescent boys chasing each other with silly string, eggs, and toilet paper.

This year I just tagged along.  She dashed ahead, a mouse.  Her babysitter, her lovingly doted on big best friend, a cat, sauntered beside her.  I just tagged behind.  There as witness to the candy collection.

You are fun, Halloween.

I hope you never go away.

INML. week 4. teams good. homework bad.

Note to Self

overload is ongoing. must build reflective and follow-up time into the day after class. solution: put child to bed earlier.   meal plan to facilitate feeding said child on time allowing earlier bedtime.   meal plan.   hahahahaha.

Assigned Reading

A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, set of performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable. – [insert author of article]

Good theatre is always made by teams.   Bad theatre is too.   Good theatre can also be made by bad teams.   I believe a good team will, in the end, make better theatre, but there’s really no way to prove it.

At its core, team accountability is about the sincere promises we make to ourselves and others, promises that underpin two critical aspects of effective teams: commitment and trust. – [insert author of article]

Ah, trust.   Does the Silence team trust each other yet?   I hope so.   Do I trust them? I think so.   I better know so by the time we enter rehearsals a week from now.

Quotes of the Day

I’m a start-up junkie. -classmate

No page limit.   As long as you need but no more. – Michelle

Next week: It’s Monday. I just noticed, after reviewing my notes for this post, that our homework for this week was due on Friday. Go me.


Personal Disruptor Field

I have a personal disruptor field when it comes to electronic equipment.

I don’t know why.

I was raised by a computer geek of the first generation of computer geeks.  I know how to get inside systems when I need to (or I can at least fake it).  I can almost understand all the lingo some of the time.  I’m not afraid to push buttons.  I’m smart: keep that anti-virus stuff current.

But, electronics break.  Randomly.

Yes, randomly.

Suddenly drives disable themselves, drivers disappear, codes don’t match up.

I’m used to it by now.  But it’s still a pain in the booty.

Case in point: I just spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how to get my sound working again on my laptop.  Along the way, I found several other problems but never solved the sound issue.

The, I casually opened up the properties manager again, just to double check the name of the hardware involved.  Maybe Avi spilled milk on it and I didn’t notice?  Cat hair stuck in between wires?  Oh, look, it says “this drive has been disabled.  go here to re-enable.”


My personal disruptor field decided to disable my dvd drive which caused the sound to fail, and me to lack my nightly Buffy installment.

Woe is me.