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Barefoot in the Kitchen: Polenta

_MG_5101I cook a lot.  Not really by choice.

I have a lot of food sensitivities.  More than I can list.  So anything that comes pre-made in a box or bag  is usually  off-limits to me.  So I cook.  A lot.

And I’ve learned to like it.  And even love it.

Because it’s no fun going through life doing things you don’t like.

This week, I made polenta.

It was absurdly easy and really tasty.  I can’t believe anyone bothers to buy those pre-made logs when it’s so easy to make yourself and far yummier.  I’m hooked.


growing up: my ten year college reunion

this weekend marked ten years out of college.

i returned to Brandeis with trepidation.

i planned on spending most of my time visiting with two current friends and two old friends.

the two current friends are lovely, intelligent, beautiful women who have become close to me since graduation and the birth of my child.

the two old friends are my most favorite roommates.  Sazz and i were placed together as freshman and were only parted for one year while i studied abroad. Fuzz and i were in the same orientation group and somehow managed to drift into friendship. by the time we were seniors, the three of us were bunking with three others.  and the six of us were golden. bizarre but golden.

a couple who showered together and squeezed into each others tiny twin size beds for shared sleep.

a gay man who made me laugh so hard i cried and who shared philosophical conversations with the boys in the dorm that went far over my meager understanding of philosophy.

my roomie of old, who taught me how to live a social life, love all things glittery, and painted my nails for the first time in my life.

my buddy from oh canada who could zed with the best of them and showed me that to change the world can be as easy as opening your mouth and talking to a stranger. in my eyes, he is fearless.

senior year. a year of parties, drama (on and off stage), impatience, and love.  i remember it most fondly of my three years at Brandeis because of my dear roomies…and the hope of moving beyond the walls of campus.

college and i were not the best of friends.  i remember very little from books which is not surprising since i wasn’t always in class nor cared enough to study much.  this is what happens when an overachiever ends up in courses far too easy to be truly venerated or far too boring to be loved.  but i made it through. with honors, no less.

and now it’s ten years later.

i spent a tiring day schlepping my child around campus to show her off to the masses.

i spent an evening dancing with my two favs, arms swinging wide, hair flying, sweat dripping. i danced like i haven’t danced in years. i remembered what is was to dance with people i love.

and then we walked.

and then we talked.

it was grande.

and now, i guess, i can call myself a grown-up.

Where’s my Oscar?

I’m heading back to the silver screen, in a manner of speaking.  I used to go on a lot of commercial/film/etc auditions back in the day and I’ve decided I rather like doing that sort of thing.  So, I’ve been sending my headshot off to all sorts of unknown film-ish entities to see what comes up.  I’ve also been dredging up all the old footage I can find to see if I have enough decent stuff to put together a reel.  I don’t think I do.  But, in the meantime, I remembered that I actually shot something earlier this year. Very early in the morning, as exemplified by the awesome bags under my eyes and my very bored child who weaseled her way into the scene by nature of simply being there.

Hopefully, I shoot with these lovely folks again later this month on an entirely separate project.