seven ages of me

I find it a little miserable that I can pass through the seven ages of life in only one day.

Okay, I didn’t count all seven, but there were enough to leave me frustrated and exhausted by the end of today.

I went from mature 30-something dropping off my child with a friend and enjoying the company of another set of parents.

to jubilant twenty-something with the world at her finger tips fresh out of a local TV recording station. fun!

to nervous, self-conscious, tired trying to keep myself together teen who confidently opened her mouth in class only to hear her voice shaking in fear.

to sobbing child.  sobbing child.  staring at the faces of classmates in horror as the tears refused to stop.

and now i’m home.

as my own child would say, “I need a hugabug.”

2 thoughts on “seven ages of me

  1. Hey, just wanted to say –
    1. I’ve been reading your blog! (it seemed slightly stalkerish to go on lurking, considering I know you in real life)
    2. It is incredibly, deeply reassuring to know that even someone I respect and admire (both artistically and personally) as much as I do you (which is a lot) has days of uncertainty and helplessness sometimes.
    3. I have to miss networking night this month because of a conflicting board meeting, and that makes me sad.
    4. *hugs*

    ~ c.

    1. @c – don’t feel like a stalker! I write knowing full well that of my readers, some I know and some I don’t know. I’ve been blogging for 4 years so I’m used to random people suddenly knowing facts about me that I didn’t know I told them 🙂 It’s part of the fun. I never write anything that I wouldn’t honestly share with people anyways. And, thank you, for your heartfelt comment. It means a lot. Sorry I won’t see you tonight; hope it’s a productive board meeting!

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