I have to admit, I’ve been a long time fan of the MOO cards.  Particularly the minis.  They’re delightfully cute and they generate instant buzz so the person you’re handing it to always remembers who you are, even if they’re not sure why you started talking in the first place (always key, I feel, when you’re bombarded by people and ideas at the latest conference or networking event).

But, um, how do I say this politely?  Their newest MOOcontraption is larger than my phone.

It’s called the ShowCase.  It’s designed to display their full size bizCards in a nice fan movement so your peeps can pick their favorite without you having to give away the fact that you’ve never fanned a deck of cards and, if you attempt it, you might just fumble them all away and drop your drink besides.

But, however cool the contraption, it remains that it appears about the same size (if not slightly larger) than a cell phone.  I will be the first to admit that I would be the dope that hears my phone ring, and pulling my ShowCase out of my pocket to hold it up to my ear, appear the complete and udder (sorry, couldn’t help myself.  they are moo cards, after all) fool.  Muttering to myself and the person near me, “um, right, not my phone.  just my ShowCase. haha. wanna see how it fans? now where’s my phone?”

They’ve got a video on their blog if you’re curious.

I’ll wait until I get to try one to pass judgment.  After all, the poorly named iPad is a seriously cool toy and this one doesn’t even have any finger-print attracting screens to handle.

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