INML. week 1. orientation.

Note to Self

Bring layers.   My nose cannot withstand another evening feeling like an icicle.   Thankfully my handy-dandy granny mitts kepts my knuckles and wrists nice and toasty.

Assigned Reading

This bullet point made me laugh out loud in delight at its simplicity and my willingness to take it to heart.   Under Managing to Strategy

Make an actual list of things that are interesting but not important. Learn to let them go.
– Barry Dym, The Practice of Management

I’m considering creating a  “letting go bucket “ in my house.   I think my daughter and I could find a use for it every single day.

Quotes of the Day

“Most executive directors don’t sleep at night because they’re worrying about something.” Charmaine Higgins-Jean

“Leadership is about change, and that includes ourselves.” Barry Dym

Next Week: Managing and Developing Individuals

Rock on.


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