In Dress Blues

I spent part of my morning in a NH National Guard uniform.

Dress Blues, to be exact.  So I was told.  I make no claims of knowledge about anything remotely war-like.

I joked, briefly, that I hoped my parents never saw me.  They’re old hippies and such.  I feel awkward when I find myself talking to someone who ever served in anything army-like.  I just don’t know what to say.  So I made the joke.  And then I realized that the director was in the Guard (duh) and I actually had no idea who else standing in the room in a convincing costume was either.

Awkward silence while I tried to pry my foot out of my mouth.

But, it did get me thinking as I was standing out in the sun alternating between serious and smiling for the photo shoot that there is no guarantee that an actress will ever play a combatant whereas I am almost positive that every professional male actor has at some point played a military role on stage.

I have no point other than that I was thinking about it.

Sometimes I’m like that.

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