I like this kind of Rough Week

I’m wearing the clothes I thought I’d be excercising in, but I never made it to my living room and its DVD player because my daughter arrived  home an hour earlier than expected and had missed her morning apointment for a flu shot.  So we went to the doctors instead of working on my cardio.

My hair was washed.  Yesterday.  It was also styled.  Yesterday.

I had a taste of Hamlet rehearsals yesterday when we rehearsed a scene for a private fundraising party.  So my head is stuck in Hamlet clouds.

I went to a different fundraiser on Tuesday, for New Exhibition Room, and laughed so hard I cried.  The night included irreverent love songs by a threesome who looked far too preppie and sweet to be spouting that kind of vocabulary, two pieces by my new favorite Goddess: UnAmerika’s Sweetheart, a burlesque dancer with more grace in her little finger than I will ever ooze from my entire being, hosted by a character actress whose specialty is playing an 87-year old ex-vaudevillian.  Not to mention the Steamy Bohemians.  I was going to stay for the first half hour and ended up being sad when I had to leave after it ended.  I would have like to stay and play but my head was pounding for a visit to her bed.

I have entirely neglected my “day job” as I struggle to keep up with the marketing material for GANemeed.

And I’m about to be late picking up my child who’s angry at me for putting her in aftercare and sending her to her dad’s house extra this week.

It’s been a long week.  I look like I’ve been sleeping in a sack.

SR on a bad day

But I am inspired.  Excited.  I can’t contain my wings.

Now, if I could only fit the whole sleeping, eating, exercising thing in, this Rough Week would be perfect.

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