Sharing the ‘O’ Love

I have a colleague from the past, who I absolutely loved working with.  She was so wonderful that I was always somewhat sad that I would never truly get to be her friend.  She was one of those ‘Intimidating Unattainables,’ at least in my young eyes.  She was my senior by several years, far more established and mature, quick-witted, intelligent, clever, beautiful.  I made up for it by attempting to befriend her other friend who seemed more catchable.  A 6’8″ married man who also made me laugh really hard and was equally intelligent and beautiful, but he wasn’t as intimidating so I felt more comfortable weaseling my way into his friendship.

Well, I reconnected with her last year when she introduced her blog, Living Oprah. She lived the prescribed life of Oprah for a full year.  A really fascinating social experiment, to say the least.  She’s also an accomplished Theatre Artist, just so you know.

Her book comes out in January.  Go check it out.

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